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Since 2011, Clickway Software IT has specialized in custom, high-end web applications, and complementary institutional sites. It is the passion and commitment with which we face each project, whether small or large, that defines us.

We believe exceptionally innovative technology not only sets the way we live our lives, but also enhances the way we work. Our employees, customers and partners share our passion for the possibilities that Internet and mobile devices give us every day, and turn to us to assist them in taking full advantage of the intersection of technology, personnel, and business projects.


The success of a project, and of our own company, rests in communication. We build formal, accessible, and secure communication through cloud-based technology, and encourage informal communication in order to create trusting bonds that last through time.


Customers know what kind of services they want to receive, and therefore need to be heard. Every member of Clickway makes a commitment to achieve the standards of efficiency and quality that our customers and users deserve.


We believe that the result of a team is greater than the sum of each individual contribution, and that synergy is our constant objective. At Clickway everyone shares their knowledge, skills, and abilities with the whole Clickway team, helping each other until they find a clear understanding of the nature of every problem, and its more effective solution.

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